Ticketmaster Resale Tickets Class Action

On October 4, 2018, Charney Lawyers PC filed a national class action against various Ticketmaster and Live Nation entities on behalf of all Canadians who have purchased resale tickets through the Ticketmaster website or app.

Canadians can purchase resale tickets from Ticketmaster through the “Verified by Ticketmaster”, “TM+”, “Fan-to-Fan”, and/or “Tickets Now” programs. These programs allow other individuals, including scalpers, to sell tickets to consumers at above face value. Not only are consumers typically paying significantly inflated prices for these resale tickets, but they are also paying additional service fees on these tickets, in addition to the fees that Ticketmaster previously levied on the initial sale of those same tickets – i.e. Ticketmaster is double-dipping on its fees.

This class action alleges that Ticketmaster’s practice of double-dipping on its fees provides it with financial incentive to ensure that each ticket is sold twice. As a result, Ticketmaster has engaged in business practices which encourage scalpers to flourish, forcing consumers from the lower-priced primary ticket market to the higher-priced resale ticket market. These business practices were recently discovered following an extensive investigation conducted by the CBC and the Toronto Star.

Canadians in every province are encouraged to contact us for more information and to register for updates on the class action.

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All Canadians who were affected by the Facebook breach are encouraged to register to receive more information about the class action by emailing ticketmaster@charneylawyers.com.

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